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Our Leaders

We have strong operating and compliance experience from a wide array of corporate organizations and regulators. Our business operations and compliance experience provide the “in the trenches” knowledge and when coupled with our regulatory background, provides the necessary expertise to recognize and act on the expanding challenges facing financial and operational compliance efforts today.

Janaya P. Moscony, CFA

Founder & President


As a leader in a field that’s often dominated by men, Ms. Moscony believes in the power of compliance to drive business success and have dedicated her career to doing just that. Having worked both in private practice as a compliance officer and as a consultant, Ms. Moscony has unique insight into how business needs can best be met within regulatory requirements. Ms. Moscony founded SEC³ twenty years ago to provide an independent solution to companies that are looking for a trusted partner. And for decades, she has understood how important it is to be compliant with the ever-evolving landscape of laws, regulations, and expectations – often sharing these insights with major publications like CNBC. 

John A. Lukan, CA, CFA, CMT

Managing Director


After decades of working in the compliance industry, complex risk is where Mr. Lukan thrives. Mr. Lukan has prepared and guided a diverse array of clients through successful SEC examinations, all with various business models, control environments, and process workflows. Mr. Lukan’s breadth of knowledge and experience enables him to provide unique value to our clients as well as develop innovative solutions; it’s his goal to become a trusted partner, so our clients can focus solely on growth.